Jan 11

Daniel J Villarreal

Real Estate runs deep in Daniel’s family. He is the product of not one, but two generations of real estate professionals. Starting with his grandfather, Ben Neil, who began building track homes in the early 1950’s, and then later his parents, Daniel has been immersed in this industry his entire life.

An Altadena native, and graduate of La Salle High School in Pasadena, Daniel continued pursuing his education at Long Beach State University, and finished at the University of Madrid. During his university career, he was actively involved in several community service organizations for aid and outreach.

Daniel began his real estate career shortly after returning to the United States. He joined the Pasadena Berkshire Hathaway office, and began selling income properties all over Los Angeles. Working with investors and large developers allowed Daniel to establish an understanding of how factors, such as capitalization rates, affect the values of neighborhoods and communities. Daniel is also very knowledgeable and has experience selling properties held in trust, where standard procedures may differ.

A firm believer in the imperativeness of open communication, Daniel prides himself on his clarity and responsiveness to clients. Understanding that transparency is a fundamental component of any relationship, he goes the extra mile to ensure his clients are comfortable and feel well informed throughout the process.

Daniel is fluent in both Latin American and Castilian Spanish in addition to holding his Graduate Realtor Institute designation, which is the industry equivalent of the CPA in accounting, CLU in insurance, or CFP in financial planning.

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